Bright Dental in Harrow offers a wide choice of dental and facial rejuvenation treatments to help you look and feel your best.

Our main aim is to help you to have healthy teeth for life, and so we offer preventive dentistry to help you to care for your teeth and gums.

We offer all the usual general dental treatments such as regular examinations and fillings. We can replace missing teeth with strong, permanent and realistic dental implants, or with the more traditional dentures or bridges.

If you’d like to enhance your smile our tooth whitening is extremely popular, as are our smile-transforming veneers.

Finally, for those who want to regain or retain their youthful looks, we also offer facial rejuvenation treatments.

General dentistry

At Bright Dental, we offer a wide range of treatments to help keep your teeth strong and healthy, so you can enjoy eating whatever you want, and feel confident about your smile.

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Cosmetic dentistry

Many people are now turning to dentistry as a way to improve their looks, and with good reason. Today’s modern techniques and materials mean we can achieve a real difference, giving you a beautiful smile that you will love showing off.

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Keeping your teeth for life

The key to having healthy teeth and gums is to take good care of them, both at home and by visiting us regularly for check-ups and hygiene appointments.

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Facial Rejuvenation

We appreciate that sometimes our patients want to have radiant, young-looking skin as well as a great smile. So we offer a range of facial rejuvenation treatments to help reduce lines, wrinkles, and other signs of ageing.

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