Cosmetic Dentistry


Many people are now turning to dentistry as a way to improve their looks, and with good reason. Today’s modern techniques and materials mean we can achieve a real difference, giving you a beautiful smile that you will love showing off.

At Bright Dental, we offer a wide choice of smile enhancing treatments, including tooth whitening, dental implants to replace missing teeth, and smile makeovers.


Veneers are a fantastic way of transforming your smile with just one treatment, and are often used in smile makeover programmes with dramatic effect.

They are extremely thin layers of porcelain which are bonded to the front of your teeth, hiding any imperfections such as discoloured, cracked, chipped or misaligned teeth.

At Bright Dental, we use state-of-the-art veneers called Lumineers™. These are much thinner than the traditional ones, as thin as a contact lens, which means they can be placed over the existing teeth without the need to remove any of the healthy tooth structure. This also means that the procedure is painfree, with no drilling, grinding or injections!

The procedure is simple. During your first visit an impression of your teeth is taken and this is then sent to a lab so that the Lumineers™ can be carefully crafted. We will then bond the Lumineers™ to your natural teeth, make sure that they are a good fit and set them in place. In just two visits you will have a brighter and perfectly aligned smile that will last for over 20 years.

You can find out more information on Lumineers™ at

Plus you can see the fantastic results in our gallery.

Tooth whitening

Tooth whitening is a great way of giving your smile a boost, and is our most popular cosmetic treatment. It helps to remove stains caused by tea, coffee, red wine and smoking, and can also help you look younger!

At Bright Dental, we use tooth whitening systems from two of the world’s leading manufacturers to give our patients the best choice and most suitable product for their needs.

Zoom!® 2
The Zoom!® 2 system is one of the most well-known whitening procedures and one that is often seen in TV makeover programmes. We have chosen it for our patients because it is safe, fast and very effective. It can lighten teeth by an average of eight shades in just 45 minutes, and is much gentler than many other systems.

This involves applying a high-strength whitening gel and activating it with a special state-of-the-art light. We also provide you with a take-home “top-up” kit to help you maximize the results you can achieve. This is all included in the Zoom!2® package at no additional cost.

Enlighten® is one of the newest and best whitening programs to date. This combination of a home and in-surgery whitening system using specially designed custom made ‘super sealed trays’ has produced some fantastic results.

The Enlighten® whitening system can be used at home alone or as a combination, with an in-surgery power session at the end of your program.